About Us

  • Being a leading cable assembly manufacturer, more than 20 years’ experience, Linkmore Technology utilizes technologically advanced equipment and employs strict testing procedures for the production of our cable assemblies
  • We use automatic crimp, wire cutting and stripping machines for our cable production which includes LVDS cables, Medical cable, HD camera cable, Visual cable, Automatic cable, Industrial cable, home appliance cable, and other cable assemblies and wire harness
  • We have designed a unique precision tool for notching and slicing flat flexible cables to customized sizes
  • The products we develop are electronically tested for continuity and pin orientation
  • Our products employ a full line of applicators for various connector terminals
  • Custom dies and fixtures are designed and manufactured in our machine shop
  • Welcome ODM and OEM, E-Mail:   sales@linkmorecable.com

Industries We Serve

At Linkmore Products, we offer custom cable assemblies for many diverse industries, including but not limited to:

Aerospace cable assemblies
Agriculture wiring harness
Appliance wire harnesses
Aviation cable assemblies
Chemical cable assemblies
Digital Signage cables
Energy cable assemblies
Engineering wiring harness
Entertainment Staging & Lighting
Food & Beverage cables
Industrial cable assemblies
IT Solutions cables
Manufacturing wire harness
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Scientific cable assemblies
Telecom wire harness
Transportation cables
Utility cable assemblies

Welcome ODM and OEM, E-Mail:    sales@linkmorecable.com

In addition to providing display cables for these industries, Linkmore offers a wide variety of custom cable solutions for the following industries:

Defense & Security cables
Marine cable assemblies
Medical cable assemblies

Cable Assemblies Services

Electric wiring Harness

Gambling Machine Harness, Jamma main Harness, Bill Validators harness, Switchcraft DC, LED/LCD headlamp wire harness, Warning switch, buttons Harness, POG harness, WMS harness, Gaming Machine Button Harness, Control cable, USB cable, Audio, Video cable, Flat Ribbon Cables, Wire Harnesses, OEM Cables, Wiring Accessories, Power Cords, Gambling Machine Wire Harnesses

Industrial Cable and wire harness

Medical Wire Harness, Automatic control Wireharness, Control Cable, USB Cables, Wire Harnesses, OEM cables, Wiring Accessories, DC Power cables, Wago terminal block harness, Anti-interference Control Cable, Micro Switch, Sports wire harness, Battery Power cable, Battery Cable Assembly, Sensor Cable, Pushbutton Cable, LSZH Power Cable Halogen-free wire, Game Machine Harness

Welcome ODM and OEM, E-Mail:    sales@linkmorecable.com

Customer molding cable

Cat 5, Cat 6 Cable, Digital imaging, USB Cables, Audio, Video Cables, Flat Ribbon Cables, Wire Harnesses, Wiring Accessories, DC Power cables, Ferrite injection and Accessories, M12 X Coding cable, Conductive Wireless Charging, PC Network Cable Assembly, Coil Cable with connectors, Grommets and Strain Relief, Coil Cable with connectors, OEM cables, Signal Cable, Waterproof Cable, Spring Cable, Coaxial Cable, Anti-interference Control Cable

Connector System

IP67 Waterproof Pump harness, IP 68 Injection molding, PMP certification, Waterproof D-sub harness, Sensor Cable, M12 X Coding, M12 A Coding Cable

Automotive Wire Harness

Engine Wire Harness, Glow plug harness kits, Energy Power cable, Audio and Video Cables, Trailer Harness, Car Cigarette, GPS and ADAS harness kits, Fuse holder, J1962 and J1939 OBD connector and harness, EPC Cable Assembly, Motorcycle wire harness, Electric Vehicle Cable Assembly, Mirror Harness, Lamp Harness, ECU Harness, Buzz for sensor harness, Hybrid Battery wire assembly, Sliding door wire-harness, Diesel Valve cover gasket kits, Pump harness

Welcome ODM and OEM, E-Mail:    sales@linkmorecable.com

Our Services

Wire Cutting & Stripping
Wire Termination
Wire Soldering & Splicing
Custom Injection Molding
Sample Prototyping
Wire Harness Design & Production
Customized Retail Packaging
Custom Fabrication

Cable Assemblies and Wiring Harnesses Manufacturer
Cable Assemblies and Wiring Harnesses Manufacturer

Contact Us

Welcome ODM and OEM, E-Mail:    sales@linkmorecable.com